Root Canal Care

Video courtesy of Dr Tarik Farooq
Root Canal Treatment: Once upon a time, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, you’d probably lose that tooth. Today, with a special dental procedure called a root canal therapy you may save that tooth. Inside each tooth is the pulp which provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth, it runs  like a thread down through the root. When the pulp is diseased or injured(lots of decay or repeated fillings leading to cracks and eventual crown treatments), the pulp tissue dies. Let’s just say that the nerve of the tooth is much like a human heart, if someone has a heart attack and survives, the second or third time around it won’t make it!  The Pulp functions much like that and it remembers!
So, if it diseased and If you don’t remove it, your tooth gets infected and you could lose it. After the dentist removes the pulp, the root canal is cleaned and sealed off to protect it. This process can weaken the tooth, so In most  cases the tooth will need a crown over it to help make it stronger and prevent fracture.

Most of the time, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involvingone to three visits. Best of all, it can save your tooth and your smile!

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