Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease 101:

  • Peri (meaning Perimeter/surrounding)+ Odont (meaning tooth)= The disease affecting
    the Perimeter/surroundings of the teeth, simply….the gums and the bone!
  • It is caused by Bacteria in the mouth. Trillions of them!
  • They eat the same foods that we eat, or are unable to (sometimes forget to) clean in between and on our teeth and gums. These food particle ROT within hours and bacteria find and eat
    them. The more ROTTEN, the more they like it!
  • The causative factors are bacteria and their “nasty” waste-products cause an infection
    in the gums and bone. Our body and immune system tries to fight off the infection but
    in this process the bone and gum tissues are resorbed (eaten away–melting away).
    Generally there are no symptoms (that’s why it is a SILENT DISEASE) until the disease
    becomes more advanced (i.e. Abscesses, loosened teeth.)
  • The Nasty waste= ACID.  It irritates the gums and the bone, that is why they bleed and
    a foul smell starts since the acid turns the gums into a bloody/pus-filled mess.
  • Once supportive structures(bone and attached gum tissues) are lost due to this silent
    disease, unfortunately, they do not regrow.
  • These bacteria soon find themselves into the blood stream through red, bleeding
    gums and lodge within our arteries and even heart.  Based on research from ADA and
    American Heart Association these Bacteria and their Waste cause Inflammation that is
    a direct contributing factor to heart disease and strokes, certain types of cancers and
    even premature birth and low birth weight babies (if found in pregnant patients).
  • The only way to prevent further loss is maintenance of the remaining structures.  And
    this is accomplished first with Scaling and Root Planing:


  1. The procedure involves removal of the offending bacteria below the gums line
    and on the root surfaces of the teeth.
  2.  For patient comfort use of topical and Locally administered anesthetics are
    recommended.  Ultrasonic Scalers as well as hand instruments are used to
    thoroughly remove the bacteria and smooth the surface of the teeth to prevent
    further attachment of the bacteria.


After scaling and root planing maintenance every 3 months is a MUST mainly because
the nature of this disease is cyclical and it can return without warning or even
symptoms.  So, compliance and proper education are instrumental in success.
Generally patients are seen 3 months after SC/RP for a procedure called Periodontal
maintenance, then 3 months later for a Dental prophylaxis and again 3 months
following for Periodontal maintenance, and so on and so forth alternating between
the two procedures.  It is the only proven way, to date, to provide an effective way to
manage Periodontal disease.

In some cases, this treatment may not affect localized areas of advanced disease at
which point further treatment which may require surgery and even possible loss of teeth with a specialist Periodontist may be necessary.

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Scaling and Root Planing (SC/RP), or as it is commonly known as “Deep cleaning”, is performed as a first line of defense and treatment for patients who have Periodontal disease (Bone and Gum disease). The need for this procedure is solely dependent on a metivulous examinationa nd measurment of gum pockets where a diagnosis reached.   It involves local anesthesia (gels and other forms) for comfort and then removal of tartar and plaque in deeper pockets below and around the teeth and gums and followed by flushing (irrigation), using prescription antiseptics and sometimes antibiotics, the pockets to kill and reduce the regrowth of bacteria .

Periodontal Maintenance A procedure performed for patients with Periodontal disease or a history of Periodontal disease after they have been treated with scaling and root planing.  It involves:

A thorough re-examination of the Periodontal structures(bone/ gums) using measurement (probing) numbers and comparing them to pre treatment numbers and evaluating progress or regression. Scaling (with Ultrasonic Scalers &/or hand instruments) to remove any new bacterial build-up and using prescription antiseptics and sometimes antibiotics to flush (irrigate) the pockets toi kill and reduce the regrowth of bacteria .

Usually it is done 3 months after SC/RP and followed by Dental Prophylaxis 3 months later; alternating every 3 months thereafter to prevent recurrence of Periodontla disease and constantly monitoring any regression.


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