Initial Acquaintance Visit

Upon your arrival to our office and after proper forms are completed you will meet our NFDC team initially and later with Dr. Adel who will spend ample valuable time speaking with you to become acquainted with you. We value the human connection with you, getting to know you and building a relationship.

Your Medical history is thoroughly reviewed & a Blood Pressure screening is done.

Also, a snoring and sleep disorder screening is done as Dentists and oral health professionals have a unique opportunity to screen potentially life-threatening conditions such as Obstructive sleep apnea that is a major risk factor for Strokes, High blood pressure, Diabetes and Dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) . Here is a specific site dedicated to this condition and more in depth discussion.
Then, with your permission & in order to ensure that he can be very thorough, we will screen your mouth for a need for

A.  Diagnostic x-rays to help Dr. Adel receive important information about the areas in the mouth where visual and touch examination is inadequate (which may include any one or combinations of the following):

  • Panoramic or FMS(Full mouth Series) which consists of either an x-ray from the outside of the   head or 18 films (used to diagnose dental decay and Periodontal disease and screen for other potential joint, sinus, bone conditions including possible cancers and calcium deposits in carotid arteries that are major risk factors for strokes)
  • BW (Bitewings) which consist of either 2 or 4 films (used annually or biannually
    to diagnose dental decay in between the teeth
  • PA ( Periapical) the number varies depending on the need and the number of
    teeth present. (used to diagnose and screen Periodontal disease, abscesses
    and decay by showing the full length of the teeth and their roots.)

B. Then a Comprehensive Oral examination is performed to evaluate the health of
your mouth. Dr. Adel is trained to evaluate the tissues of your mouth, tongue, and
neck to detect cancer in its earliest stages. He will also examine your teeth and gum
tissue for signs of decay and periodontal(gum and bone) disease that includes taking measurements of the gums. Before any treatment is done a PROPER DIAGNOSIS needs to be reached, and for this to happen ALL the necessary information have to be gathered so a regularly scheduled oral exam is important to your over all dental health. It will include the following:

  1. Oral cancer screening– All of the soft tissues, including the head and neck,
    joints(TMJ), glands, lips, cheek, the palate and most importantly the tongue are
    screened for any pathologic anamolies especially cancer. Additional screening instruments are also used to increase the accuracy of visual examination (which is about 30%) by using a blue light called Velscope that can increase the accuracy to 90% for a minimal fee (charged once per year).
  2. Evaluation of Periodontal( Gum and Bone) health This will include review of
    the x-ray films and probing to measure the pockets around the teeth and gums.
    If Periodontal disease is present, treatment options and additional appointments
    are reviewed with you. More than 80% of Periodontal disease is painless until it progresses into a more advanced stage.
  3. Dental Examination (teeth and existing restorations) for tooth decay, fractures, cracks and broken down old “fillings”, crowns and prosthetics (restorations)
  4. Intraoral camera photography of teeth to detect cracks or fractures.  Intraoral camera is valuable in magnifying areas where potential problems are not visualized with a naked eye.
  5. Laser Diagnodent is one of the newest technologies in the field of
    Dentistry and it is utilized to detect dental decay on the pits and fissures(grooves
    and surfaces) of the teeth using a harmless beam of light with over 90%
    Accuracy in comparison to 65% with conventional explorer “pick”
  6. Transillumination is used to shine a light through teeth(like a flash light) to visualize potential cracks in the teeth whether created by wear an tear or expansion and contraction of older restorations
  7.  Diagnostic models (if necessary) usually needed if cosmetic or more complex treatments are to be planned or patients inquire about restoring missing teeth. It involves taking impressions of teeth to create 3D models and assess the bite and spaces and overlap of the teeth outside of our patients’ heads.
  8. Education:  We take pride in educating you about your oral and general health and provide you with ways to keep your teeth, gums and bone healthy for the rest of your life BEFORE any treatment is rendered. We believe that, simply, as an informed and educated patient you will take care of your health.  Knowledge and understanding are the keys to the overall success.
  9. A Treatment plan is formulated (if needed), presented and reviewed with you. In order to be VERY thorough additional time may be needed to review all the information gathered and a subsequent NO CHARGE consultation appointment is scheduled to discuss and customize the treatment plan if needed.

At Naperville Family Dental Care  (NFDC ) Dr. Adel and our team are ready to assist you on your journey to a beautiful, confident smile. We have been proudly serving our amazing patients in Naperville, Aurora, Lisle, Warrenville and surrounding western suburbs of Chicago, in Illinois since the year 2000.