Cosmetic Care

We offer enhancement to your smile well beyond preventive care so you may look and feel your best with confidence.  Here are a few lists:


 Bleaching (Vital Bleaching or Teeth Whitening):
1.  Home bleaching: costumized trays are fabricated and our valued patients wear these trays comfortably for a period of 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day(sometimes overnight) for several weeks

2. Deep Bleaching:  In office bleaching that provides fast results but WILL absolutely out do the conventional Zoom or Britesmile bleaching. Without the use of lights!  Ask us about the details!

Porcelain Veneers:

A straighter, whiter, fuller smile is possible without braces and
usually in two visits with veneers. These porcelain restorations are lifelike in strength, beauty and function.

Direct resin Bonding:

Chipped, cracked teeth refashioned and gaps closed
usually in one visit. An enamel-like resin material is molecularly bonded to your teeth, layer by layer, to form a durable, natural-like fusion.
Modern Orthodontics/Braces: Invisalign
Depending on the way a smile has developed braces might be the best and most effective solution for
getting the results desired by the patient. Fortunately, straightening teeth for adults and children is faster
and easier than ever before with “invisible” clear braces and “removable” braces.

Porcelain Inlay/Onlays:

These are amazing breakthroughs in restorative care. Not too long ago we would have been placing many more crowns. When a tooth deteriorated from
disease or cracked because of an old metal filling, it often required removal of significant natural toothstructure to securely place a crown. Now, there is an ‘in-between’ solution.

With ceramic onlays and inlays, we remove much less tooth to create an appropriate surface to secure the natural looking, tooth-like material. It’s molecularly bonded for a strong, durable, nature-mimicking result that can withstand the tremendous biting and chewing forces the mouth produces.

With the new technologically advance procedure(Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing–CAD/CAM) called CEREC3 this can be accomplished in-Office in ONE visit and without the use of impression materials and temporaries and a waiting period of 1-2 weeks and the potential dislodgement of the temporaries!

Porcelain Crowns:
Restoring worn, broken down teeth is more effective with modern esthetic crowns because they are molecularly bonded to your teeth not cemented like metal-based
crowns. Because they are ALL-porcelain you won’t ever see a darkened line near the gum line like a metal-based crown.


At Naperville Family Dental Care  (NFDC ) Dr. Adel and our team are ready to assist you on your journey to a beautiful, confident smile. We have been proudly serving our amazing patients in Naperville, Aurora, Lisle, Warrenville and surrounding western suburbs of Chicago, in Illinois since the year 2000.